Banya, the Laplace Demon

Hi everyone, I’m Banya from the Laplace Studio.

I live in Italy, I love writing, drawing and coding – even though I’m an absolute beginner on the last one. And, of course, I like playing video games too.

I’m an amateur visual novel writer and programmer. I still have lots to learn and I do this as a hobby from work and studies. I don’t talk much, I prefer showing what I can do, but I opened this page to encourage myself not to be shy.

I don’t think I’ll ever make a profit from my works, but I’d really love to be, one day, the creator of a game loved by a fandom. Receiving critique, fanarts and cosplays of my characters would make my dream come true but I still have far to go, so please support me as you can!

What will you find on this site?

  • My games, of course. The first visual novels will be free, so don’t be shy: play and leave a comment if you may.
  • Free assets. I relied a lot on free assets at the beginning, so I’ll be glad of being of help to the others. I’ll provide sprites and, maybe, backgrounds for you tu use.
  • I plan on adding a section where to advertise the games you use my free assets in. And another section including materials about my games made by other people too.
  • Contacts. You can contact me at the links below.


  • itchio >>
  • lemmasoft >>
  • deviantart >>
  • email address >> coming soon