Free Sprites #2 | Nadeshiko

Second sprite in the series, here comes Nadeshiko. She has 31 different expressions and one pose. These sprites are under a CC BY-NC-SA Creative Common Licence.
All I ask you is to credit me as Banya or Laplace Studio.

In addition to the licence you can:
– Rename Nadeshiko as you wish, Nadeshiko is just a name I gave her to avoid “Sprite Number 1”
– Draw CGs with her in it for your VN
– Decide if she’s a trap (aka a male crossdresser)
– Use in NSFW Visual Novels – if you indicate the changes to the sprites
I drew her thinking about a typical dojo girl, but her white hakama could be also a miko’s with some adjustments. As you can guess by haircut, she will have tomboyish and tsundere expressionsand might come in handy if you’re looking for a stubborn and sarcastic heroine for your story. She is in the same size as Sakura, so you can play them together.

Here’s the download link:
Have fun and show me your VN if you use them! I’ll definetly play it \^-^/

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