Info & Rules

Hi everybody!

I’m Banya, an amateur VN developer.
Being amateur and lonely makes it difficult to get your games known, so that’s why I opened this forum. It has one purpouse: make reviews of your games, share them and have some advertise on them – there is no blog or tumblr dedicated solely to VNs at this moment in time, so I thought that at least one might be useful. If you partecipate, there are rules:
1. Be polite.
2. Do not steal materials from the site nor post unauthorized material aswell.
3. Read carefully the description.
4. Take in count that I’m an amateur myself. I can’t judge the code, just the playability of the game.
5. Send me games in English language. Also ok: Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian.

I don’t do this to have something back.
Neither the visit to the site will give me profit.
I do this in my freetime because I like playing VNs and I understand very well the heartbreak of making a beloved game and having no one to play or talk about it.
If you’re happy with the reviews, just say thanks and share it, it is enough.
But if you want to make me super-happy draw one of my characters: you see, the reason I started making VNs was to have fanarts, fanfictions or cosplays about my characters, though I know it’s almost impossible… but if you do, I’ll feature it on the site or in the VN!


To me, what marks the line of an amateur game and a premature one is thin.
To avoid being offended by a review, here are my criteria:

0. Mother of all problems: when the narrative of a game is long, quiet and detailed at the beginning, then it gets fast towards the end, like the developer grew tired of working on the VN and tried to finish as quickly as possible.
1. Rushed endings. Like when in a love story one or two encounters are enough to make the lovers commit engagement, and this is painfully common.
2. Istant punishment. Wrong turn? You die. There’s not a painfully long bad ending, or it is too obvious you screwd up.
3. Absence of intro. You’re thrown in the game without even the screen title. Bonus points if it’s the awakening of the MC in his\her first day of school.

0. Mother of all problems: Extremely various resources all together. Like…
1. Sprites from different artists. Unless it’s Fire Emblem Echoes or Fate Grand Order, I wouldn’ reccomend it.
2. Tridimensional background with plain 2D sprites.
3. Also, backgrounds from differently skilled artist. Like one drawn by Michelangelo and one by Banya.
4. Glitchy GUI is worse than Basic GUI.
5. As for the GUI, I personally don’t like bulky and colorful ones, they have some Windows ’95 Microsoft Paint vibe.
6. The sprite of the character covers 1\10 of the screen. Bonus point if you never get to see two characters on screen.
7. An entire game without CG. Ouch.

0. Mother of all problems: sloppy and lazy writing, especially without being read again by the VN developer, will make everybody think your VN is sloppy and lazy aswell. No beautiful GUI will be able to save it.
1. No attention whatsoever to typos. Mispelled words, wrong grammar, etc.
2. Starting a sentence without the capital letter.
3. People’s names without the capital letters.
4. “Btw”, “Gtg”, “Omg”, etc.
5. Exclamation marks like it’s raining.
6. Google translated idioms. Especially if you do it in Italian or Japanese, and I see it’s very common.

What if I don’t agree with the review?

You’re butthurt by one of my reviews?
You’re welcome! I won’t remove the review, sorry, but you can get revenge reviewing my VNs: here are the links.
x Spellbound