Hi everybody!
I’m presenting a project I’m working solo with the help of the artists Koete Hoshi and Akkalime and the courtesy of CC resources. I’ll also list the various updates here.

]The prophecy says that one day a fiery hero will rise and restore the world to the light from the darkness of this obscure era.
But you’re not a hero, you’re the villain.
Join Noah, the unexperienced greedy warlock, and Enfer, the mysterious demon he evoked to win the war, on an adventure to put an end on the misery of the world! And conquer it yourself, of course. But beware: you’re not alone in the competition, there will be other villains like you and, of course, the hero of the prophecy.

Three endings: white, gray and black destiny.
Which one is the bad one? The good one? The true one? I’ll leave the discovery to you.

The original design of the characters belongs to akkalime (akkalime.daportfolio.com), while the CGs are Koete Hoshi’s work! (https://www.tumblr.com/search/koete+hoshi)
Background Artists: CC backgrounds for gentle courtesy of acquamary, Galyu, hero hero, konett, osumashi, susssu, GrammaHobbes. All is linked fully (with sites, address, etc) in the Credits File.

Noah Character Sheet
Enfer Character Sheet

Two more words for the characters. Of course it’s not a game of two, but I want to keep the other characters secret at the moment because it would ruin the fun of the game. That’s why you can see only the two protagonists of the prologue: I want you to discover the others by playing it.

NOAH Noah, a gifted mage kicked out of the Acantus Magic Guild, wants to make everybody regret their words by stealing the place of the blessed hero and proving his might. He joined the dark war in order to stop the chaos and taking advantage of the situation. His speciality is crystallomancy, but he’s a slightly above-average spellcaster too. He’s struggling to keep everything in control, from the conquest of the world to the taming of the demon which he realized will probably be mission impossible.
He’s not that evil, but there’s a reason he pities the good and craves for the evil.

ENFER An ifrit, the djinn of dreams and might, he was summoned by Noah to help him gather his victory.
His real name and identity are unknown.
He’s being called Enfer by his master for commodity, and he adapts quickly to any situation. He hides his malevolent nature under a clear smile and some strange human hobbies, for example photography – which is his guilty pleasure – and mocking his master with bad sarcasm. Despite looking blunt and harmless, Enfer has some suprising tricks up his sleeve.

x You can romance all the characters, but the endings won’t be focused on a romantic love story. It’s not a “Character’s Route”, but a side of the story in which you’re siding with a certain Character and how this affects the dark war.
x There’s an implied sex scene. Nothing that explicit of course, and especially nothing you cannot avoid: you won’t be forced to do anything like this, so if you don’t want Noah (the main character) go for it, you’ll simply have to avoid that kind of options.


Meanwhile, here is some screenshots.


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